Our Troop 39 Motto: Prepared. For Life.
 Why Join Our Troop?

The founder of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell, said, "Never do for a Scout what he can do for himself." 
Being a Boy Scout is a great way to learn leadership, personal responsibility, and life skills. It is also a great place to learn these important life lessons while you are also participating with a group of like-minded Christian young men as you camp, canoe, hike, ski, and enjoy other outdoor activities. The knowledge and skills you acquire as a Boy Scout will help you throughout your life and through Scouting you may determine what you want to do in service to God, your community, or the world as a whole. Participating in Boy Scouts is a wonderful way to learn leadership, life skills, emergency preparedness, and survival skills. It is a chance to do things you never dreamed of before. Boy Scout troops engage in outings that give scouts amazing opportunities.  Troop 39 is a troop that will challenge you and help you develop in both Scouting and as a Christian young man. We concentrate on providing Scouts the opportunities to grow and strengthen their relationship with God.