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Troop 39 holds monthly troop outings, usually on the third weekend of each month. We seek to conduct two and three day campouts each month. Our goal is to provide a varied outdoor experience where the scouts can develop & strengthen scout skills. All outings include a Christian focus of prayer, devotions, and worship. Campouts will normally be conducted around a theme such as hiking, canoeing, etc. Some outings may not include camping such as snow skiing. All outings are announced at least 30 days in advance. Scouts must register to attend an outing at least 10 days in advance so proper plans can be implemented for the event. Patrol Leaders are also required to do one patrol activity every two months. These activities are conducted outside of troop meetings and are meant to strengthen the cohesiveness of the patrol.

At the core of the Troop 39 Scouting Program is an exciting and varied schedule of outdoor activities. Plans for outdoor activities are developed each year in late summer and early winter at our semi-annual planning meetings. At these meetings, the Patrol Leadership Council of Scouts recommends the kinds of activities in which they would like to participate during the upcoming year. A diligent effort is made to include an activity mix that will provide a program to hold the interest of all ages. At a minimum, Troop 39 participates in several camping trips (usually 5-7 each year), plus a week-long summer camp. We also plan several hikes, patrol campouts, and other outdoor activities that take place over the course of the year.

The Troop Committee supports the Scouting activities by providing many of the necessary resources and logistical arrangements, including most transportation requirements. Every Troop outing requires the participation of at least two adult leaders, in order to meet the BSA two-deep leadership requirement. We make every effort to conduct each of the activities the Scouts have made preliminary plans for, but occasionally some activities cannot be arranged, or other opportunities arise during the Scouting year that the Troop might wish to pursue. Plans are modified and refined on an ongoing basis to ensure they meet the current needs of our Scouts.

Troop 39 conducts two different kinds of camping. The first is what we call car camping. This involves carrying our equipment from the parking lot to a prepared campsite, setting it up, and not moving again. The District Camp-O-Rees are an example of this kind of camping. The second type of camping is backpacking. This involves hiking to a campsite, or hiking daily from camp to camp, carrying everything we need on our backs. The emphasis here is on traveling light and minimizing our impact to the environment.  Almost all backpacking gear can be used in car camping, but not all car-camping gear is appropriate for backpacking.

Troop 39 attends a week-long Boy Scout resident summer camp each June. Summer camp provides opportunity for fun, adventure, and learning. Camp programs compliment the activities we participate in as a Troop during the program year. Our first-year Scouts are urged to attend summer camp, where they can complete many of the advancement requirements for Scout through First Class. Scouts also build fond memories at summer camp that will remain with them all of their lives.

Our Troop also tries to provide a high-adventure experience for our older scouts. The places we go, and the kinds of high-adventure activities we participate in, are driven by the Scouts’ choices and resources available to the Troop. Our High-Adventure Coordinator will keep Scouts and parents apprised of long-range opportunities.