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Troop 39 Rules

1.  A scout is allowed to wear scout pants or khakis with his Class A (the scout pants or green pants are recommended, khakis are acceptable, but not desirable). Tennis shoes or hiking boots are allowed. Flip flops (sandles) or crocks are not allowed. 
2. A scout will NOT use any coarse language at any time during a troop meeting, outing, etc. That scout and any scout who is participating with him or supporting him in any way will be confronted by an adult or their facilitator. We highly value respect in this troop.
3. Though it is not a requirement to be a Christian in Troop 39, a scout will NEVER take the Lord's name in vain or joke around with His name or history. It is taken more seriously than regular swearing. 
4. While practical jokes are fun, they can turn into something dangerous. A scout is allowed to play a joke on another scout or adult as long it is approved by an another adult. A scout is not to be asked to do a joke because most of the time, the adults know best.